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Rewards and Recognition made easy!

Live Incentives is a points based rewards and recognition platform that empowers employees to earn redeemable points for certain positive behaviors, performance, tasks, or accomplishments.

Your business may be big or small, but valuable staff are important everywhere. Imagine rewarding and recognizing your staff in a small but notable way for their favorable behaviors and efforts and seeing 5%, 10% or 50% better performance to various operations of your business. What if it meant reduced driving or safety incidents, or increased sales performance, or increased efficiency of your call center? It's all possible, easy, and within reach.

Tap into the hidden abilities of your staff.

Live Incentives provides multiple reward scenarios simultaneously, and can be focused to build on any individual aspect of operational or behavioral change. 

Moreover, you can add almost any type of reward rules you can imagine, at any time, all within a few clicks, and make it specific to any individual business unit or employee type. This kind of flexibility provides incredible control over exactly how you administer your rewards programs and what areas of your business are most important to improve now and in the future.

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Power and ease of use!

To be effective, a great rewards program has to be easy to use for everyone.

In this case, Live Incentives delivers, and can do a lot of the work for you by managing recurring rewards program from determining reward rules, to issuing points, to order placing and tracking. automatically tracking, rewarding, ordering, and reporting on all events related to utilizing a great rewards programs. reducing administrative overhead to a comfortable minimum. A rewards program shouldn't be a This is backed and providing easy to use reporting that helps you see change and return on investment.

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Truly Tailored Incentives

Don't light a fire under your employees ... light it WITHIN them! Live Incentives is a highly customizable framework for your Rewards and Recognition program allowing you to provide unique and well thought-out reward scenarios with a fully customizable catalog of your making for the stuff that will really appeal to your staff. Rewards do not have to be monetary either and may be as simple as a certificate of recognition, produced right from within the system. Contact us today to learn more.

Who uses Live Incentives?

Live Incentives is a SAAS (Software as a Service) application providing an easy-to-use approach to rewards and recognition programs. It is intended for two types of customers:

  • Businesses seeking a fully customizable and cost effective rewards program using a specialized catalog.
  • Promotion and Communication firms with experience in rewards programs and seeking to enhance their value added services

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