Wednesday, November 22, 2017

About Live Incentives

Live incentives is SAAS (software as a service) application, developed by Webmonton Ltd. to provide a uniquely flexible rewards and recognition system that works for everyone!

Our journey began about 10 years ago when we took a professional interest in safety incentives systems for industrial based companies. We quickly learned the crucial importance of effective safety incentives programs for keeping both workers and job sites safe and incident free. We studied the general psychology of incentives in the workplace, and how different people are driven by different motivators and that it's not always about a monetary reward. Most of all, employees want to make a difference. We also learned that for businesses, there were few good options in the marketplace for rewards and recognition systems that were cost effective, easy to use, and flexible enough for their needs. The right system must also be truly focused on actionable incentives that really do foster positive change within the organization. From these core understandings, we set out to create a super effective system with great usability at all levels, and with the minimum amount of administration required. Live Incentives was born, and the journey is bright!

The Mission

Create and provide the most flexible and valuable online incentives application available for business. Keep it simple to use ... anywhere. Make it strong, stable, and secure. Continue to Improve. Listen to our clients and suppliers. Be experts in our field for the ultimate benefit of our users. Increase our reach and quality of suppliers.
Be good to the planet and each other.

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