Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How does it Work?

Live Incentives is a points based rewards system where participants earn points based on certain behaviors, events, achievements, or performance, that you as an administrator define.


Each participant has a log-in account to where they can view their rewards, points history, and what rewards they are eligible for as well as other related information. They can also shop and redeemed their points for specialized items or merchandise from your own custom catalog. Using Live Incentives, you'll acknowledge and increase positive behaviors and build a history of each participant's successes, achievements, extra efforts, and even weaknesses. Coupled with great reporting, this is valuable information.

What types of Programs can I create?

Using the Rewards Wizard, you can create any kind of reward rule, anytime, that has a direct impact on your business objectives.

  • Promote and reward a safe, clean, and healthier work environment.
  • Encourage continued skills upgrading and learning.
  • Provide rewards for sales performance, major achievements, or other milestones 
  • On the spot accomplishment or positive observation.
  • Offer rewards to non-sales staff who find new business. 
  • Promote safer driving with rewards for clean annual abstract 
  • Recognize length of service for any term or every year, or both.
  • The list is truly endless ...

Start with a few predefined rewards such as Length of Service rewards, then add ones that will directly benefit and be measurable within selected business units.

Get the Ball Rolling ...

Discover how Live Incentives can help make your Rewards and Recognition system awesome!

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