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Reward Programs that work Everywhere

What are you seeking to improve or build upon, where does recognition really matter ?

Get your employees involved in achieving your most important goals. Are they related to sales, safety, quality, retention, skills, innovation or something else entirely? Live Incentives provides full flexibility by managing multiple simultaneous scenarios where rewards, recognition, and incentives make a valuable difference. Start with a few basic rewards and then build from there. The following reward categories serve as the starting point. 


Occupational Safety

Change behaviors and provide a safer and healthier workplace for all.

Improve safety practices and awareness, reducing avoidable incidents and claims. Improve employee driver skills and safety, reducing accidents and minor infractions. Reward days without injury on specific teams or for the entire company.

Innovation and Leadership

Innovation & Leadership

Encourage innovation and leadership throughout your whole enterprise.

Improve the flow of good ideas with reward points and recognition for cost saving measures, or ideas that improve efficiency.  Allows everyone from administration to front line employees to benefit from innovative thinking.

Service Awards

Service Awards

Appreciate experience and dedication .. it really means something!

Recognize the staff who have helped build the organization over time with their continued dedication. Increase staff retention and appreciation with rewards for years of active service.

Sales and Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Create a culture of performance. Give your staff new challenges continually!

Increase sales performance with bonus points at certain targets, or for opening new accounts. Provide bonus points to non-sales staff who refer new customers or induce a sale. 

Company Milestone 

Want to celebrate your company's birthday, or some other important recurring date?

Create rewards that are applied at specific future dates such as company anniversary, Christmas, New Years, etc. 

Education and Certification

Education & Certification

Raise the value of your staff with rewards for learning additional skills or upgrading current ones.

Increase the skill set of your workforce with bonus points for additional training, upgrading, or certifications. Let your staff know what additional training and education is important for your business.

Health and Fitness

Health & Fitness

Promote a fit and healthy lifestyle for increased productivity and a reduction in sick days.

It's well known fact that a healthy and fit staff is more productive and take less sick days. Use Health and Fitness rewards to encourage more health conscience behaviors and help curb harmful ones like smoking.  

General Recognition

General Recognition

Recognize a target achieved,  or any type of positive event.

Acknowledge the extra achievements and behaviors of your staff that help move your organization toward it's specific goals. Create rewards for any type of target achieved or positive behavior, at an individual or group level.

Kudo - A job well done

Kudo (a job well done)

Recognize a job well done, extra effort or committment.

A Kudo is acclaim or praise for exceptional achievement. A way of saying "Good Job, thumbs up!" Kudos are a great way to issue points at random for positive observations, on the spot rewards, or just about anything you can think of. 


Who doesn't like a birthday present?

Never miss a staff birthday again with our birthday reward options!  Wish your employees a Happy Birthday, or even provide some bonus points on their special day.

Get the Ball Rolling ...

Discover how Live Incentives can help make your Rewards and Recognition system awesome!

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