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Some of the ways you can apply rewards

Add or edit any kind of reward with a variety of well thought-out options.

Live Incentives gives you total control on how and when you issue Rewards. Using the rewards wizard you can create any kind of reward .. automatically triggered, employee requested, manager initiated, on the spot, delayed start .. just about anything.  Rewards can also be specific to a certain business unit(s) or to a specific employee type such as part time, full time, contractor, welder, sales, etc.  Here are some of the ways and ideas for how you can issues rewards.

Employee Requested Rewards

Provide some rewarding challenges

Participant Requested Rewards are achievements that you define for your staff. They may be business objectives applying to a certain division, or personal goals such as skills upgrading or quitting smoking. If they achieve the goal, they can request this type of reward, usually providing some form of pre-determined verification. This type of reward always requires a manager's approval.

Non-Point Rewards

A simple acknowledgement or something more creative.

Perhaps your organization has season tickets for hockey; you could create a reward rule that does not issues points but rather provides access to those tickets. Or, you may wish to offer the best parking spot to the top sales person for the month, or lunch with the company president. Non-Point rewards allow you another way to be creative in the way you run your program. The possibilities are endless.

High Resolution Certificates

Save and Print Hi-Resolution Achievement Certificates

Create high quality frame able certificates that are customized and branded to your organization. Attach certificates to various awards, such as automatically providing a certificate for 10 years of service, highest sales performance, or any major achievement. Certificates can be printed on any high quality 8.5 x 11 color printer.

Reward Periods

Offer Rewards for a specified date period only.

You can set the start and end date date range for any reward you create, or have it apply continuously until you decide to change it. Using rewards periods, you can change it up every so often and keep your rewards program more interesting with fresh challenges. Defining reward periods can also help you monitor effectiveness and budget accordingly from year to year

Variable Point Rewards

Create rewards that correspond to effort or achievement

Variable Point Rewards allow you to enter the point reward amount at the time it is issued. Variable Points can be used in many ways. For example you could have a reward for sales staff where they get 1 point for every sales dollar over quota each month. In this case a manager would confirm and enter the points amount to be issued.

On the Spot Rewards

Recognize a good job or accomplishment when you see it.

Using on the spot rewards, managers can issue points at will to any individual or business unit, and in any point amount. An example of this type of reward may be to issue a reward for a random inspection of a job site that follows or exceeds expectations. On the spot rewards really give you limitless possibilities to recognize the little or big things that make your organization run better.

Automatic Rewards

Let the system do the work

Automatic rewards are ones triggered by an event, usually a date period such as a service reward on the anniversary of an employees hire date. They can also be set to require a managers confirmation before being issued. Another example of an automatic reward might be one where employees receive 100 bonus points for every 90 days the company remains incident free.

Newsworthy Rewards

Share the good news when it happens

Any reward can be set to be "newsworthy". This means that the reward is shown in the recent news feed for all users, giving everyone an insight into the personal achievements of your organizations staff. This is a nice touch for service awards or any other major accomplishment. This option is also fun to use for birthday reminders.

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