Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Be Creative and Unique!

At the heart of a great incentives program are great incentives - period!

What inspires your staff? Your business is unique and so are your staff. Providing the right kind of "Incentives" has a great deal to do with the overall success of any incentives program.  With Live Incentives you're not limited to a common catalog of generic goods. You can offer your own branded goods, Stanley Cup tickets, the best parking spot for a month, a Las Vegas holiday, lunch with the boss, related work wear or gear, or even a new car. Your catalog is totally custom and gives you complete freedom to create employee incentive ideas that really are great incentives! Keep in mind it's not all always about "stuff" .. often just a simple recognition means a lot!

Need some ideas? We can help you assemble an outstanding catalog using quality product suppliers in your area, or suggest some desirable non-merchandise rewards too.

Make your Logo a Badge of Honor!

Offer any type of item or merchandise from most any supplier*

Offer your own branded goods such as shirts, caps, jackets, golf bags, etc. in your own custom rewards catalog. Use your current local promotional products supplier ..  no problem. Your supplier can even have access to their own supplier* interface on Live Incentives where they can (only) see merchandise orders within the system, add/edit new products, and confirm order received and shipping statuses. 

*3rd party suppliers must agree with terms and conditions for access to the Live Incentives system.

Get the Ball Rolling ...

Discover how Live Incentives can help make your Rewards and Recognition system awesome!

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